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  • An Open Letter to the Media on the 'Irony' of Snowden's Request for Asylum in Venezuela and Ecuador by Latin America Experts

    The supposed “irony” of whistle-blower Edward Snowden seeking asylum in countries such as Ecuador and Venezuela has become a media meme. Numerous articles, op-eds, reports and editorials in outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and MSNBC have hammered on this idea since the news first broke that Snowden was seeking asylum in Ecuador. It was a predictable retread of the same meme last year when Julian Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and the Ecuadorian government deliberated his asylum request for months.

  • OPEN SECRETS: The Game of Wikileaks

    The purpose of this game is to simulate in some simple form the shifting and complex strategic relationships between press, government, and Wikileaks during period.During the game, each player will possess a certain number of credibility counters -- which represents the social capital and public standing that allows the players the flexibility to act. The objective of Open Secrets is to be the player with the highest number of credibility counters at the end of the game

  • Bradley Manning - 1,000th day in jail without trial  - When will his nightmare end?
    PFC Bradley Manning has been in jail awaiting trial for nearly 1,000 days for exposing war crimes, corruption, and widespread abuse. The government can still charge as planned, including using the Espionage Act and UCMJ Article 104, alleging Manning indirectly “aided the enemy” simply because he knew Al Qaeda could access WikiLeaks. By the time that pretrial hearing begins, Manning will have been in jail for over 1,000 days.  In response to this historic abuse, supporters around the country and around the world are planning demonstrations, rallies, and marches on February 23. From California, to Florida, to Italy, to Germany, supporters of PFC Manning will make their protests known.

  • Singing Glass - Mika Aoki

    Japanese artist Mika Aoki creates exquisite glass sculptures inspired by her fascination with the visible and invisible qualities of the medium. What at first appears to be high-speed macro photographs of water droplets, turn out to be physical stationary sculptures carefully crafted from glass (and occasionally plastic). Aoki often derives her inspiration from the forms found in microscopic life such as spores, fungi, viruses or even sperm. With a masterful command of light and glass, Aoki depicts these propagating life forms in a haunting yet beautiful fashion, which she calls “singing glass.”

  • Tunisian 'Pirate Party' gets legal approval

    Tunisian bloggers succeeded in getting permission to form the first anti-censorship party in Africa and the Arab world. ----- By Monia Ghanmi ------- The Tunisian interior ministry just legalised Africa's first anti-censorship political party. The Tunisian Pirate Party, approved on March 13th, is a branch of the worldwide cyber-activist movement. "We established our party to gather together all those thirsty for knowledge hampered by barriers put in place by the political authority in the country, and our goal is to bring our people up to the level of developed countries," spokesman Mohamed Boukoum said in a press statement.

  • Leon Theremin /1896-1993/ - the great forefather of Rock N' Roll /big noise master/

    In 1919, in the midst of the Russian Civil War, Theremin invented the musical instrument that bears his name. The theremin is an electronic device that resonates sound when its operator waves his hands near its two antennas. It was the first musical instrument designed to be played without being touched. He invented the theremin (also called the thereminvox) in 1919, when his country was in the midst of the Russian Civil War. After a lengthy tour of Europe, during which he demonstrated his invention to full audiences, Theremin found his way to the United States. He performed the theremin with the New York Philharmonic in 1928. He patented his invention in 1929 (U.S. Patent 1,661,058 ) and subsequently granted commercial production rights to RCA. In 1938 Theremin was kidnapped in the New York apartment he shared with his American wife (the black ballet dancer, Iavana Williams) by the NKVD (forerunners of the KGB). He was transported back to Russia, and accused of propagating anti-Soviet propaganda by Stalin.

  • US Military's 'sock puppet' software that manipulates social media

    The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda. A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an "online persona management service" that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

  • Manufacturing Consent: A Propaganda Model - Book Excerpt

    By Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky ---------------------------- The mass media serve as a system for communicating messages and symbols to the general populace. It is their function to amuse, entertain, and inform, and to inculcate individuals with the values, beliefs, and codes of behavior that will integrate them into the institutional structures of the larger society. In a world of concentrated wealth and major conflicts of class interest, to fulfill this role requires systematic propaganda. In countries where the levers of power are in the hands of a state bureaucracy, the monopolistic control over the media, often supplemented by official censorship, makes it clear that the media serve the ends of a dominant elite.

  • Genocidal Cynicism - by  Fidel Castro Ruz

    No sane person, especially someone who has had access to the elementary knowledge acquired in primary school, would agree that our species, especially those who are children, teenagers or youth, should be deprived of the right to live, today, tomorrow and forever. Never have human beings, throughout their eventful history, as persons endowed with intelligence, ever heard of an experience like that. I feel the duty to convey to those taking the trouble to read these Reflections the opinion that all of us, with no exception, are obliged to create awareness about the risks that humankind are running in an inexorable manner, towards a final and total catastrophe as the consequence of irresponsible decisions made by politicians who fate, rather than talent or merit, has placed the destiny of humankind in their hands.

  • Guardian PR war against WikiLeaks +  "WikiLeaks: Secrets and Lies" Guardian Documentary

    The Guardian has continued its war on WikiLeaks with three new attacks over 48 hours—five days before Julian Assange’s final extradition appeal judgement in the High Court and a UK Parliamentary debate and vote on extradition abuses (both Monday, December 5). While it is often counter-productive to divert resources to dealing with PR attacks head-on, we provide here a revealing window into the behind-the-scenes realities that WikiLeaks has to deal with every day as a result of its high profile. While many attacks come from "traditional" enemies — the organizations WikiLeaks has exposed — others come from opportunists trying to work an easy socio-political sector — apparently saying what they believe these powerful enemies would like to be said, in the hope of preferment or relief in other areas. Others still, in fear of their reputations or the legal process, seek to whitewash past opportunism before natural moral or legal redress.

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  • Meet Monsanto's number one lobbyist: Barack Obama

    by: Jon Rappoport ---------------- During his 2008 campaign for president, Barack Obama transmitted signals that he understood the GMO issue. Several key anti-GMO activists were impressed. They thought Obama, once in the White House, would listen to their concerns and act on them. These activists weren't just reading tea leaves. On the campaign trail, Obama said: "Let folks know when their food is genetically modified, because Americans have a right to know what they're buying."

  • Interview with General al-Sisi, the leader of the Glorious Egyptian Army - 'We are here to protect the people - this is a caring type of liberalism not like the cruel western one'

    Since the Corrective Operation to Unseat the President (COUP) in Egypt, one name has been on everyone’s lips, General Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi the leader of the Glorious Egyptian Army©. It’s true a few were cursing him, but most honourable citizens of Egypt and the other Arab countries were behind the General’s historical corrective manoeuvre against the Muslim Brotherhood. General al-Sisi embodies the values of Arab liberalism: manliness, strength, striking with a hand of steel and, above all, a musical name that rhymes. In his attempt to reach out to Arab liberals, the General in his wisdom decided to grant us this exclusive interview as one of the leading publications for Liberal Communist Secularist Arabs. We are very grateful to the Beacon of Arab Secularism for this.


  • The sins of Pope Francis I

    New Pope Francis isn’t a Hitler Youth like the last guy, but he has own troubled history.Francis I along with the whole Argentine Catholic Church have faced criticism for their silence or complicity during the post-1976 military dictatorship — a failure for which the Church apologized in 2012.

  • Two years of protest and unrest in Bahrain
    Bahrain: Urgent Appeal: Al-Khawaja, Al-Mukhoder, and Al-Singace on Hunger Strike

    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights is gravely concerned for the health of three activists and political leaders, Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, AbdulHadi Al-Mukhoder and AbdulJalil Al-Singace, who have all begun a hunger strike to protest the unlawful restrictions that the prison authorities have placed on the communications for the Bahrain13, and the lack of response to their complaints by the prison administration.

  • Iran releases images of drone production line

    Iran has for the first time released images of the production line of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is manufacturing copies of the US ScanEagle drone. The domestically-manufactured drones have been put into service by the Iranian Armed Forces.

  • Do Arabs Cry For Their Children Too?

    By Tom Mcnamara -------------- Once more tragedy befalls America. But this time the tragedy is even more bitter due to the fact that such a large number of young children were involved. A gunman, identified as Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people, 20 of them children – all between the ages of 5 and 10 – at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on the 14th of December. The attack ended with the gunman committing suicide. It was the Nation’s second deadliest school shooting. Most people can’t imagine the evil and insanity needed to drive a person to commit such a heinous act. The murder of innocent people is reprehensible, but it is even more so when carried out on the most vulnerable elements of our society, children. Most disturbing of all is the well planned, deliberate and determined manner in which the murders appear to have been carried out. Early reports state that the gunman was highly accurate, leaving only one wounded survivor alive at the school.

  • Venezuela Gives Over 2 million Canaima Free Laptops to School Children

    Caracas, 22 Dic. AVN.- Science, Technology and Innovation minister Jorge Arreaza informed Friday that there have been allocated 2,315,719 Canaima laptop computers for free in Venezuela. In his Twitter account @jaarreaza, the technology minister reported: "Updated Canaimita data: 2,315,719 distributed. Out of it, 220,939 assembled in Venezuela. 100% free and domestic software." Such laptops are part of an education program named Canaima Educativo (or educational Canaima), launched during the school year 2009-2010. In a first stage, it was addressed to first grade children, with a view to extend the program to second and third grades.

  • Careerism and Psychopathy in the US Military leadership

    The internal workings of the US military had little significance to the overall state of the nation, except during wars – until the post-WWII era.   With the military dominating our foreign policy and being one of the most trusted institution, the character of our senior generals may become a major factor shaping our future.  Hence the importance of this chapter by GI Wilson from The Pentagon Labyrinth: Ten Short Essays to Help You Through It, edited by Winslow T. Wheeler and published by the Center for Defense Information and the World Security Institute.  You can see a summary and download a free copy of this important book at the Project for Government Oversight (POGO).

  • The Tsar Bomba - king of all bombs + The Sakharov Paradox

    On 30 October 1961, the largest nuclear weapon ever constructed was set off over Novaya Zemlya Island in the Russian Arctic Sea. The Soviet ‘Tsar Bomba’ had a yield of 50 megatons, or the power of around 3,800 Hiroshima bombs detonated simultaneously. While its official designation was RDS-220 hydrogen bomb, the Tsar Bomba was given its nickname by the West in an analogy with two other huge Russian objects, the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon, the largest of their kind in the world.

  • Questions the award of the Nobel peace prize -- EU violates international law in Western Sahara

    "As a European I feel embarrassed", stated the former UN legal chief regarding the EU's fisheries activities in the waters of occupied Western Sahara, taking place in violation of international law. New trade agreements between Morocco and the EU - which Morocco is applying in Western Sahara - are entering info force in October 2012. WSRW questions the award of the Nobel peace prize to Morocco's important ally.

  • Hidden truth - Assange and the Attack on the Republic of Ecuador

    Today we talk of geo-politics and the freedom of information. But what is happening today technically (i.e. politically) began on 12 December 2008, though some say September of that year, but it took four years for the shock waves to reach Europe and America. The issue relates to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and the Republic of Ecuador. Mind you, it was assumed in the entire American continent, Australia, and Europe that the world was the same as ten years ago. But the world does not work that way anymore.

  • 911 again? - US sends Marines to Libya after ambassador’s killing

    The Obama administration has dispatched an elite unit of Marine special forces to Libya after the killing of the US ambassador and three other US personnel in the storming of the American consulate in Benghazi Tuesday. The killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the first such killing of a US envoy since the death of Washington’s ambassador to Afghanistan in 1979, together with the breaching of the walls of the US embassy in Cairo by Islamist demonstrators, touched off bitter political recriminations in Washington.

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